Running around the forbidden city

What will we do

At present, there are many interesting running competitions in the world, such as the most cartoon Disney running, the happiest color running, African prairie running and so on.By 2020, it will be the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City. so we organized the running event around the Forbidden City. Let you experience the Forbidden City in a new form, and appreciate the beauty of it from a new angle.


  1. This activity is for running around the Forbidden city a lap — 5500 meters
  2. as running, we will take photos and video for you
  3. provide some running supplies, including sneakers, drinking water and so on
  4. provide Chinese-style clothing and props. If you like, you can wear them to increase the fun of activities
  5. provide places for you to change your clothes and store your luggage
  6. record your running results, and issue certificates and medals
  7. record and rank the results of all participants according to gender, age, country.

Note: If you feel the whole way is too long, we also can run the half or 1/4 way.


1.5 hours


150 Rmb per person

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