Riding bike around the Forbidden city and in ancient Hutong

Bicycle tour

What will we do

As we all know, Beijing has long history, splendid culture and beautiful sceneries, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Usually everyone go to the famous scenic spots where is just the rare of Beijing culture and beautiful scenery. Then if you want totally get into the city and explore the landscape which the normal can't see, follow the Angle of the locals should be a good choice, and riding a bicycle is definitely is the most convenient, easy and quick way to stroll through the old city.So we developed this experience project and want to invite you with us taking the bicycle and exploring the ‘hidden Beijing city’ and ‘real Beijing life’, and enjoy a carefree time in your Beijing trip.

  1. Strolling though the old city by bicycle: Our route is around the Forbidden City, which not only contains famous spots (Tian 'anmen square, the turrets), but also includes hutongs, local residential areas, the abandoned royal palace, etc.
  2. Share the old legend and stories of Beijing with you during our bicycle time.
  3. Taking photos to record this happy time:)
It will be a happy and unforgettable experience. Come on, just us!


2 hours


380 Rmb per person
Group discount : Over 1 person of your group, the first person is full price, the others will be half price

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