Who are we?

ArtikelbildWe are Arti and Vivi, a Beijing couple, grew up in the Hutong courtyard, have enormous love and deep feelings for Beijing. We are easygoing and like making friends, like climbing mountains, playing tennis, watching movies, we especially like to travel, through nearly 20 countries at present, our dream is to travel around the world.

Arti is a photographer who has contributed photos to various media, websites and corporate clients, especially good at Protrait photography. In addition, Arti is a tennis coach, and a few years ago he passed the international tennis federation's coaching certificate.

Five years ago, we began to do the Airbnb host for renting houses online, due to our delicate and traditional style decoration, comfortable and convenient living experiences, warm and thoughtful hosting, let a lot of guests feel at home, especially the foreign guests, as they stayed in our house, we did our best to help them have a more convenient and pleasant trip in Beijing, so we acquired a lot of good reveiws and great reputation, and even the Airbnb company also directly recommend our room to guests. After several years of efforts, we have hosted thousands of guests from 45 countries all over the world. In the past few years, we have been selected as "super hosts" on Airbnb for several times, and many local media in Beijing, such as "LifeStyle", "Global times" and "People magazine", have interviewed us.

In these years, we found a lot of guests came to China, they were all full of curiosity and love to China's long history, splendid culture, the local conditions and customs. Then as the totally local, we love Beijing and Beijing culture, we really want to introduce all the most wonderful and beautiful sights and cultures to our friends, so from 2015, we have carried out some activities, including china retro photoshoot, climb the Great Wall, make dumplings, visit hutong, etc., and got most of our guests' love and recognition.

In order to make our experience project better, more professional and standardized, we set up a team in 2018 and established "Beijing light & autumn culture communication co., LTD". At the same time, we built a courtyard photo studio named 'Royal Light' which is just outside the east gate of the Forbidden city, which is equipped with professional photographic equipment, as well as a large number of exquisite Chinese costumes, props and ornaments. At the same time, there are Arti's collections for many years in the photo studio, including Chinese furniture, Chinese Musical Instruments, old photos, film, old maps, old newspapers, badges, etc. Rich collections make our space like a small museum. So this is a base where we shoot, but also a place where we do indoor experiences and get a party with friends.Extremely welcome you join us and have a great journey in Beijing with us!

Come on, Experience Beijing, Experience China, Start with us!

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